Seduce & Destroy

Russ Meyer is one of the most unique directors and one who has inspired many directors today, such as Tarantino and Rodriguez . While many have often criticized his films for their sexual nature, others have gone as far as to say he has a feminist stance, always portraying women as strong and powerful, stopping at nothing until they get what they want. This festival is about celebrating both Russ Meyer and his savage vixens. The women, sexy and tough, the plots, women getting what they want, the outcome, violent.

This project was quite an undertaking as there were so many moving parts and pieces. I started with the branding and naming of the film festival to get the appropriate style and feel for all of the deliverables. Once the name Seduce & Destroy was set in place I explored a variety of styles for the design. In the end, the design combined the original Russ Meyer style with a more modern approach. The final deliverables included a poster, festival schedule, tickets, advertisements, website, soundtrack, 100 page special edition book, special edition dvd set, homewrecker handbook, cheap date kit and they all fit snuggly into a vintage suitcase.



The Meat Up